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Our Story

Steven was raised on a farm in northern Ontario surrounded by Mother Nature and was enthralled by the glory of her majesty. These roots are deep and his concern for our planet began at a young age.

Steven’s affair with wine is an extension of his love for food. Steven opened his first restaurant in 1978 and soon after fell deeply in love with wine. In 1985 he purchased Delisle Wine Bar where for over ten years Steven welcomed wine aficionados to his award-winning restaurant. In 1990 he became a Sommelier and today is on the Board of Directors of the Ontario branch of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.

In 1994 Steven purchased Lifford Wine Agency and envisioned a portfolio of the world’s finest wines.

Fulfilling that vision has meant 25 years of global travel, seeking wines that offer excellent quality at affordable prices from family owned, artisanal wineries.

During this time Steven witnessed first-hand the impact of the Climate Crisis and began to seek ways to reduce his own carbon footprint on the planet.

In 2005 Lifford Wine & Spirits became a Carbon Neutral Company through partnership with Tree Canada. To date we have planted more than 90,000 trees in Canada.

In 2008 Lifford was honoured with Tree Canada’s Eterne Award for Corporate Stewardship.

In 2011 Lifford won an LCBO Elsie award for Social Responsibility.

In 2019 Campbell Kind Wine was born, an international family of Carbon Neutral wines from six countries. Working with wine families that Steven has admired over his forty- year career, these wines come from some of the world’s finest wine regions and are hand crafted in small lots by some of the world’s most acclaimed winemakers.

The climate impact of these wines will be measured by Carbonzero and will be offset by the planting of trees in conjunction with Tree Canada.

The Campbell Kind Wine project has sustainability at its very core. These wines are designed to over deliver on price while allowing Canadian families to reduce their carbon footprint one sip at a time.