Andrew Mitchell

The Mitchell Family – Campbell Kind
Wine Shiraz

Campbell Kind Wine SHIRAZ 2014
By Andrew Mitchell

Technical Details

REGION: Clare Valley, Australia.
VARIETIES: 100% Shiraz.

Behind Campbell Kind Wine with the Mitchell Family

Sometime in the mid 90’s, Andrew Mitchell walked into my wine bar and introduced himself. Andrew was a wine pioneer in Clare Valley, South Australia and his wines had found a way to our shores. An instant friendship was born and has thrived ever since.

You see, Andrew is a bit of perfectionist.

He farms guided by biodynamic principles, dry farming his meticulously pruned old vines.

Andrew hand picks the grapes into two-gallon pails so they arrive unbruised to the nearby winery.

Only French oak is allowed to kiss his Shiraz.

Plus, he has a wicked sense of humour, very dry with a twist.

In 2000, tired of his beautiful wines being ruined by cork taint, Andrew united a group of Clare Valley vintners to produce their wine under screw cap. Nineteen years later some 90% of all Australian wine is produced under screw cap. Thanks to Andrew, no one really needs a corkscrew any more.
He and his wife Jane and their three children Angus, Edwina and Hilary work in harmony to elevate the quality of their wines while respecting the environment they live in.

After all, there are already 4 grandchildren and several kangaroo chasing dogs to consider.

Edwina Mitchell spent 2007 with my family here in Toronto. My daughter Nicole worked a harvest in the Clare Valley which inspired her to continue her wine career.

When I asked the Mitchell family to create a Shiraz for the Steven Campbell brand, they graciously provided a wine from Peppertree Vineyard, the source of their own legendary Shiraz.

Steven Campbell Kind Wine Shiraz is a celebration of decades of respect and dedication and it will help us reduce Canada’s Carbon footprint one sip at a time.