Bruce Jack

Chenin Blanc By Bruce Jack (Quebec only)

Technical Details

REGION: Western Cape, South Africa
VARIETIES: 100% Chenin Blanc.

Shiraz By Bruce Jack

Technical Details

REGION: Western Cape, South Africa
VARIETIES: 100%Shiraz
ALCOHOL: 14.5%

Campbell Kind Wine Shiraz & Chenin Blanc, South Africa

In the last decade the slump in the Canadian dollar has driven up the cost of imported wines and I was searching the world for great value wines to bring home to Canada.

This led me to Cape Wine in Cape Town, South Africa in September of 2016. The South African Rand was the only currency of a wine producing country that was losing value against the loonie and I could smell a bargain.

What I found truly astounded me, an array of exceptional wines being produced in South Africa at very realistic prices.

In short order I signed up some of South Africa’s finest which included the wines of Bruce Jack.

Bruce is a legend in South Africa. He founded Flagstone Winery and created some of South Africa’s most successful brands.

When his company was purchased by Constellation they appointed Bruce as their global, head winemaker and he traveled the world.

Bruce left to form Bruce Jack Winery and entered my orbit.

In January of 2018 I found myself at The Drift, Bruce’s home in the Ovenberg Highlands and Bruce welcomed us with a refreshing glass of sparkling.

At that point, I had been working on design elements for Campbell Kind Wine and I was not happy with the prototypes.

At The Drift, in the company of Bruce Jack, I was struck by how truly considered a concept could be. I knew that I had to go back to the drawing board to create a more compelling and cohesive brand, one that would truly engage the consumer to help reduce Canada’s carbon footprint one sip at a time.

Back home I found the right designer at Insite Design in Burlington and together we brought life to the brand.

Thanks for inspiring me Bruce and thanks for helping me bring Campbell Kind Wine to life.