Pepe Fuster & Ed Adams

Campbell Kind Wine ROSSO 2017

By Ed Adams

Technical Details

REGION: D.O. Terra Alta
VARIETIES: Garnacha 45%, Carinena 20%, Syrah 20%, Cab Sauv 15%.
ALCOHOL: 14.45%

Campbell Kind Wine Tinto, Spain

The global wine circle is small and within, passion attracts passion; word is spread and people are introduced to other passionate individuals.

I needed an organic red from Spain for my Campbell Kind Wine label and talked to Bruce Jack in South Africa who introduced me to his friend Ed Adams, MW or Master of Wine.

MW is truly a rare distinction and to date only 390 MWs exist in the world. The rigorous path to the title defeats mere mortals and I knew from the start that Ed would be a great partner.

Ed Adams is an Englishman and together with Bruce he discovered the old vines of Terra Alta, Catalonia and the Pepe Fuster family.

Pepe farms his 30 hectares organically and is a passionate champion of the region and its wines.

This unlikely trio of an Englishman, a South African and a Spaniard combined forces to create the La Bascula label.

In no time at all, Ed and Pepe agreed to make Tinto, a red blend for Campbell Kind Wine and I was delighted.

What happened next really put a smile on my face.

I received a rather incoherent message from Ed.  I could tell he was really excited about receiving an award.

I sent him a congratulatory email as obviously something was up, but I had no idea exactly what all the fuss was about.

Ed explained that every year Tim Atkins, MW presides as head judge at an event set up by Wines of Spain in London. They get some of the top Spanish wine buyers and sommeliers to judge.  Every year they release their top 100 Spanish wines and La Bascula had FIVE wines on the list.

And wouldn’t ya know it, the very same wine that is in the Campbell Kind Wine Tinto 2017 bottle was one of those top 100 wines.