Passione Natura

Campbell Kind Wine ROSSO 2018

By Giulia Migliorati

Technical Details

REGION: Abruzzo
VARIETIES: 100% Montepulciano.
ALCOHOL: 12.5%.

Campbell Kind Wine Red Blend, Italy

Giulia Migliorati is my connection to Passione Natura.

A tall, slender woman with a shock of sandy hair she arrived to meet me for the first time at a Toronto restaurant.

I was about 8 days into a 12 day stretch of dinners with visiting vintners and my belly was feeling the strain. I have always been able to resist everything except temptation and my belt was getting tight around my waist.

I had my eye on a salad and a glass of cool white wine but Giulia was my guest and of course I deferred to her choice.

Giulia decided that we would of course have the chef’s tasting menu, a multi course feast of deliciousness that ruined any idea of restraint I might have had.

In the ensuing hours I heard the remarkable story of Valle Reale and  how the owner, Leonardo Pizzolo, had founded the estate in 2000.

The story is remarkable as the winery is located in the Maiella National Park in Abruzzo and sits on top of a natural aquifer. The winery must operate as an organic winery to preserve the water source.

Always keen to see things first hand, I found myself in Abruzzo the very next spring and spent two days exploring the wilds of Abruzzo on horseback and in a jeep with Giulia and Leonardo.

Their love of the land and of the wine it produces was totally infectious, irresistible and heart warming. I live to help people like this and over a few short years, our friendship grew and prospered.

When I asked Giulia to help me source an organic Italian red for Campbell Kind Wine she quickly provided me with the delicious blend that became our Campbell Kind Wine Italian blend.